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October 1, 2013

Excerpts from the New Book:
The Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine

Jan displays the Divine Plan for earth

Find your voice, find your place on the grid of light and illuminate the world!!!

The Guy”s Guide to the Divine Feminine Book is coming out soon…on create space…

Why now? The Divine Feminine, her Earth, her People, her Future

It’s actually a case of…Big Changes for Earth thru HER

Let’s start with what is most obvious before we discuss the why and what to do about it.
The energy and interactions between males and females are changing in a most fundamental and profound way. It’s beyond shifting traditional roles of who carries out the trash. There is a mandate for earth and her people to adopt new ways if we are to survive as a species. And who is going to lead this new re-structuring of every aspect of life on earth as we know it? Your female partner
The wife or girlfriend you met and knew is now being called to listen to and respond to an overwhelming need to change. Her ears are tuning to new information that will assist her to change the flow of every human condition on earth. Her ability and willingness to listen to this soft whisper…some call it spirit…coming through her heart into this realm is undeniable and is like a wake up call. For her and for the earth. For her not to listen to this inner voice means to deaden not just herself but to turn from her very soul. For there is a clear call for the feminine now to listen in and circle up with like minded women to create new ways of being and living on earth. She is being given the mandate and authority through her own dominion to re-create herself, her family and her community for the better. To not do this would cause an inner implosion and a depletion that would leave holes in the divine plan for earth.
Her full focus and power is being required to re-harness the powers of heaven through her voice. Her voice of truth, peace and harmony. The pendulum has swung very far to the right – the masculine – and it is the time within this 2012 pivotal point to swing back into the more feminine flowing. If you are reading this book…you are the lucky man to be part of this global movement and change led by women like your special partner.
The name for this new heart centered leadership connected to a higher power fueling her passion is called “The Divine Feminine.” It is the feminine ability to hold space, bring flow and harmony that will heal the earth. A female’s deep intuitive connection to the cosmic divine flow through her heart gives it the DIVINE part. There are many schools of thought, processes, rituals and books about what divine feminine means and it can take on certain labels and names that cause us to question and not feel comfortable with what this is about. So let’s just boil it down to the basic essence. It is the feminine face of God, the soft side, coming through people on earth now that will bring things around back to their senses. Don’t worry about any militancy or insistence. To hold labels of specialness during all this just brings more separation. . I am writing this for a traditional male with a female partner, but it is the “feminine essence” within each person that is being bumped up to tip the scales for all.

Seven years ago the whispers became unavoidable as I went about my life as an orthodontists wife and mother of three living a lovely suburban life. It was like I began living in two tracks…one in which I felt alive and passionate and focused and creative and one in which I was an automan serving a template. No amount of materialistic comfort could soften my growing restlessness as I saw the gap widening between what I had been doing and what I was becoming. The choice became very clear…was I living to create security and comfort or was I following spirit and my true path with trust? What an inner struggle began.
I saw my life as a Teflon existence. I was protected from want…but was I? Inside I was exploding with discontent that then emerged as a dreaded disease. Melanoma. The day the nurse called and said they needed to do some “marking” on my left shoulder I saw my life as ending in six months. I made the bargain to God that day. If you let me live, I promise to ONLY focus on what it is I came here for. No more playing it safe. And from that day forward the path widened and widened from my carefully laid safe dental wife programming. Seven years later post-divorce I now KNOW exactly who I am, why I am here and each day creatively play with the highest expression of this path to the best of my ability. I had to re-write my script. I was in the wrong movie. And within all of this change the work and path for me became crystal clear.

The Voice of the Divine Feminine

The Voice of the Divine Feminine was buried eons ago. And my soul promised to bring it back. To assist women to speak their truth in a new way that is kind, compassionate and non-defensive. To enable them to communicate with their families, spouses, boyfriends and parents in a way that is honoring, respectful and empowering to all concerned. This is the truest form of the Divine Feminine. I can say that perhaps I can write this because I have struggled every day of my life to not be afraid to say what I think and feel and still feel safe.
Step by step I have learned and grown to remove the fears and what I call “vibrations” living within the body that keep our voices and lives stuck. And I see the ability to gently, lovingly state how we feel and ask for what we need does indeed heal all. That when the woman is happy, the mate is happy. The children are happy and the community is happy. And the woman needs to find the courage, mentors and self-love to trust herself to say her truth and trust she can garner the right people to support her so she may flourish and create heaven on earth. So she can receive the natural flow of energy and manifest peace and balance for the masculine and feminine. The male role is to provide and protect and allow her to blossom and feel safe – secure to do her world-changing work.
So it’s not an oppositional, selfish motivation. It’s just the opposite. The woman who is learning about and embracing the principles of the divine feminine is swimming upstream with these initiatives grounded in times past. She is bringing something new and change is scary. Because it’s not just her role she is re-defining and re-arranging, but yours.
As her partner you are now dealing with new ideas, new behaviors, new expectations that you may not have planned on. It’s part of the shift for our earth that has mandated these inward changes that are now calling forth new attitudes, feelings and compromises within your world. She might be confused about what to expect from you as well and frightened to voice her new attitudes and needs. There is bound to be tension, confusion and resentment until all the underlying energies are revealed for what they truly are and mean.
Your social interactions with other couples are changing dynamically as well. The truth is, nothing is the same and never will be. Your partner is growing into who she was meant to be regardless of who she presented previously. It will be a growing, challenging yet ultimately rewarding and enriching experience for you as well as you find your best place in all this!!

I have written this guide to help you navigate these unexpected and maybe even un-welcomed changes within your partner so you can find:

1. Some sense of meaning for the changes that put it all in context
2. Some communication tools to form bridges
3. Some understanding of the basics of the Divine Feminine world and initiatives
4. How you best fit in with the new roles and can feel good and better than ever
5. How to meet your needs in new ways
6. How not to lose your partner by being resistant to change

There’s one of those sayings that holds a good dose of truth…

A man marries a woman and hopes she never changes
A woman marries a man and hopes to change him into what she sees he can be.


Group Healing Events at Song and Spirit….to celebrate your loved ones in a very sacred deep healing way.

March 15, 2010

Our first Group Celebration for a beloved individual….at Song and Spirit we opened our center for a group of friends to honor their longtime friend. We had a very sacred heaing time together…..her friends read poetry, gave testimonials and love to celebrate years of friendship, followed by a sacred sound journey with the many acoustical instruments in our center accompanied by intentional song…..the recipient wrote about the experience:

It has been a few days now and the the profound experience of Sat. is still washing over me.  On the physical level, I feel better, more energy.  Emotionally I am still high.  It is wonderful to recognize the beautiful people I have in  my life and to feel their love.  Thank you so much for the work you do and I hope to join Judith for some more events at the Center.

Love to you,


Passion Healed Me, Jan’s book about waking up to spirit!! laugh and cry and with me as we all go home to the light together in our own unique way.

March 15, 2010

Here is the introduction to my long awaited first book!!! enjoy, and join me on our Trip to France to investigate your own realtionship to the feminine mysteries, slide show on my website:

This is a journal based on a three year odyssey of expansion and ascension through
sound. My soul contract came knocking at age 50.  I encountered a new deep pressure within
me that pushed me to  make some big decisions and take action. This led to a divorce, listen-
ing to spirit, awakening, and finding my voice and passion … things I never had planned for
as a mother/wife in upper middle class America. There is a plan for me, as there is for you,
and I know I was off track for a long time. Though my life seemed full but I knew it didn’t
feel right. I hadn’t dropped in to my own life I felt.  I instinctively knew it was related to the
suppression of my passion and voice. I looked around and saw women drowning in their
traditional,  successful upper middle class templates. I could give in, and become colorless
on the way to old age or stake out a new path without any assurances. Jumping tracks would
certainly upset the plans I had laid for this period of my life. I reflected, at what point had I
abandoned the call of my own joy?
I had always sung and as a child I longed to be a singer but my practical self pulled me
towards being a nurse. Today, I stand in the center of the cross of my life and I can see the
truth of this interesting path.  I am a singer and a healer, singing is the modality. Singing,
or more accurately, sounding with intention through the voice is the most powerful healing
modality our maker has bestowed upon us.  As a third-dimensional being in the flesh, I see
my gift of being able to align with and actually “sound” the frequencies or sounds of the over-
soul or angels of others. I can be the in-between of the above and below or the bridge to the
spirit and material realm…through my voice.  It is this Song of Ascension that the higher
beings up the ladder, towards God, want us to hear so we can find our way home. Home to
our center, which is God. It’s not out there, it’s in there. We are flickers within the Huge ball
of light that is Pure Awareness Energy and God unfurls his many personalities first through
the divine mother and father and then further down the ladder to the archangels, and finally
to us…the incarnated humans. Sound is the way back, and the word is the activating code
through frequencies. The formula is available to all and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness
that is bathing the planet is yours to drink of.  It is as simple as asking, and then doing.  It
must be experienced, not just thoughts. Traditional religion has metered out spirit through
programs, denying each of us has our own vertical link-up with no intermediaries. That’s the
old male way.

As a woman, I also realized that I had not exercised speaking my truth for so long my
throat was practically shut off.  This opening of my truth led me to the teachings of the Sa-
cred Divine Feminine and how finding my own voice could be part of the greater healing of
my family, relationships, and ultimately the planet when joined with other women’s voices.
I have come to realize that it is the female body itself that is actually the Holy Grail. We are
the cup of wisdom and the portal for enlightenment. The voice is the activator through the
breath of the Holy Spirit. She must sing and speak her truth, this is the key to the cleansing.
Not inconsequentially…the reclaiming of my passionate sexual nature was intertwined with
this awakening. Our bodies are wired for ecstatic neuro-endocrinology when we follow our
This feminine impulse of strength and truth through clarity of communication is a uni-
versal movement, a precise prescription for the earth’s healing process.  The galaxy demands
that earth heals, and she will. The re-birth of Gaia will bring breaking of the waters, earth
changes and chaos so each person will be called upon to ask, or will, to consciously decide
to remain in their old paradigm or move towards the light. New cities of light composed of
highly organized frequencies of color, light and sound will allow for the acceleration of the
spiritualization of matter so all humans can choose to be initiated into the divine plan, or
continue on as they wish. This great transition requires programs and processes of prepara-
tion for those who will create and administer the assistance as well as the planning, organiza-
tion and development of these cities and I see the use of sound and its healing modalities as
the key to all of the operations.

This journal will help you see the unfolding process and the resistances and questioning
I went through while discovering my role in sound healing and then realizing how sound is
the key to the entire cosmic vibratory field, the all that is, good or bad.  Sound healing is the
tool for the real work for the changes coming. My remembering unfolded one chapter at a
time.  The guides allow no hurrying so I didn’t go into shock or have special skills that would
be muddied by an impure motive. That’s how Atlantis fell. These gifts within the Mystery
Schools, the alchemical secrets of the universe that reside within each of us are rightly hid-
den. We earn our way into the great school by right thinking, clear discernment and the most
important quality is integrity. Each of us must consider another human’s condition just as
intently as we consider our own. For the energy of God is Love, all are one, within, without,
As as Above so Below. The source of all I need is within me. I just have to make room in my
body to bring in the light.
Sooner or later, each soul will go through this peeling and healing as they return to
source. I share my story as one little example. It’s a process of initiation that is universal and
also personal as you will see yourself and then stand back and laugh at me and shake your
head as well. I lay it all open here as I shed the complexities of identity, social norms, attach-
ments and began to see the greater plan for my soul, my client’s  and our collective future. I
hope that there is something of value in my sharing this journey, as I feel the personal is also
universal. Sound is the Wave Home, and may your song/journey be a sweet one.

Ride the Sound Wave Home

September 13, 2009

“Ride the Sound Wave Home”  in three simple steps

What is home?  Home is not a place. It is a “state” of ecstatic homeostatic bliss. When the electromagnetic circuitry of your being, hormones, emotions and connection to spirit is aligned to its absolute perfection. There is a highway to this destination and it is the wave of Sound. Sound infused with intention is the alchemy available to us now for reprogramming chronic illness, unraveling deep stress matrixes and aligning with our own divine blueprint.  Inexpensive, preventative and self-generated, vibrational medicine truly is the answer for our times for humans to live longer with more vitality free of medical and insurance companies, and pain.
The scientific foundation for vibratory medicine is now available through such pioneers as Don Estes, James Oschman, Richard Gerber and all of the colleagues I have worked with at the Sound and Consciousness Institute. Each new technology and discovery brings us closer to the absolute truth that we are all interconnected through the vibratory field. Bruce Haschildt recently brought to the Song and Spirit Center little bonsai trees hooked up to new technology that allows us to “hear” the trees singing. What he didn’t realize at first, is that the trees were not only emitting beautiful sounds, but they were actually responding to the immediate environment emotionally as well. When a baby bird fell from the next of the old oak and a cat pounced on it the trees began to screech and then moan. This is profound. The frequencies sounded by the tree were emotional. This means that our thoughts and general state affects the trees, and the butterfly, and the “all that is”. We are one. We must be responsible for our thoughts and feeling states to create harmony. A difficult order given our economy and the general state of humanity and the planet at this point.
This is the good news. We can identity and track the vibration or, frequency through Hz, or cycles per second of any given element.  Even Prozac has a frequency that can be broken down and made into a tuning fork. Applying this fork to the body will produce an effect that the body will recognize and re-orchestrate accordingly. We can identify each emotion with a specific frequency as well.  Is this the new medicine?  Not quite there yet.  This specificity actually misses the boat. It is the linear allopathic thinking mode. We must treat the entire system so it can re-calibrate itself. The promise of sound infused with your own intention can actually shift the entire system into a higher frequency band that cannot co-exist with disease states. Change the frequency pattern, interrupt the disease pattern. So we target the patterning in the body. Which is fueled by your beliefs.  If we want to work with the diabetes we target the belief system that allows us to accept our genetic lineage and the addiction aspect of self-medicating through food. These belief systems are, you know by now, all frequencies we hold that fuel and maintain our beliefs. We can isolate each belief system and blast it with sound coupled with your own verbalized intention to release this belief to unwind any matrix in the body.  Beyond this, when our physical holding patterns are released, at last our energy charkas can spin optimally and the higher energies of source can pulse through the body unimpeded and you can access states of bliss and well being for prolonged states. This opens the central channel to receive the spiritual activations that can catapult your body and soul into….dare I say it, ascension.
Christ, or his consciousness, vibrated at 1,000 hz. He healed people by allowing them to belief in and entrain with his frequency field. He said, “This too, you shall do and more.”  Its the more time now. He actually felt he had failed his mission as he only healed people and did not teach them to heal themselves.  So now, as the planet is entering her ascension phase of her life cycle she is kicking up her vibration and you have a choice to re-vibrate yourself to match her at the Christ Consciousness frequency. Why do you think Sound Healing and toning is becoming so popular? People know intuitively it’s time to repattern NOW.  I encourage you to “lift” up your frequency field through positive thinking, vital foods and sound infusions of your choice. Where to start with your own sound program?  Here is a three-step process that makes you the maestro of your universe. Do this in the morning and anytime you wish to manifest or create a new reality on any level. It works!
The Three Part process of Alchemical Change
1.    Set a Sacred Space:  Say “I ask and intend to set a sacred space” and then
place yourself mentally in a pyramid shape
2.    Request for your guides, angels, higher divine self, masters to be with you now
3.    Make a specific intention and then Sound it in with your voice. Do not worry about how you do it, just open your mouth and “sound”
In the future healthcare will be composed of Chambers that diagnose your entire field through sensitive energy diagnostic systems. We will receive a bath of color, sound, and music based on our profile. Even fear is defenseless when it is deconstructed through these modalities. Do you see the implications?  While reviewing a new Russian technology recently, the Metatron, I was told by the astonished physician that I have no virus present in my system. This is impossible he said to the class. I reassured him that a virus cannot live in the higher frequency band and that repeated intentional sound indeed can place us, our communities and ultimately our planet in a new healthier paradigm.
Sound is at the forefront of personal and planetary healing. The ancients knew this and we are at a point in our western consciousness to embrace this on all levels. I invite you to investigate with your own body the power of sound for your personal healing, inspiration and ultimately, the ability to go “home” in your present physical body.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner, Voice Bio
Practitioner, Founder Song and Spirit Center      707-206-5068
Tree singing:

Open House at Song and Spirit Center

September 13, 2009

Sound Healing at the Song and Spirit Center
“Where Sound, Spirit and Science meet”
Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP, Voice Bio

Open House October 31, 2009


31 Commercial Blvd. Ste. F, Novato, Ca. 94949

Your Body is Sound…and you can re-create yourself in our new Cutting Edge “Sound, Light, and Color Chamber” designed by leading sound specialists. We plot your profile of frequencies and then generate a personalized program to “re-harmonize” your physical and emotional fields:

–    Reverse disease processes
–    Unravel deep stress matrixes
–   Align with your own Divine Energy –    Choose from a menu of Sound generated alchemical programs.
The new medicine is here, and it is sound and music infused with intention and spirit. At our center we access the Quantum healing zone and teach you to heal yourself, and stay healed. Personal appointments in our “Chamber,” Private Voice Bio and Sound Sessions with Jan, or Workshops about Sound are just a few of the many services we offer within this new, exciting modality.

“The sound bath was beyond what words can express, I was re-born with rapture, peace and delight” Pat, RN

Founder and Director Jan Cercone is a leader in innovative Sound Healing Methodologies, with a specialty in Voice. An instructor at the Sound and Consciousness institute, a recording artist, author and nationally recognized inspirational speaker, she brings the joyful healing power of sound to life for your life.
Chamber Grand Opening: Sat. Oct. 31 2-6pm
Newsletter at website:

UTube of visit to Mary Magdalenes well in Israel

May 29, 2008

Sacred Sound Visit to the Middle East, May 2008

May 29, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mary Magdalene and the Well …posted by Eliana Gilad, a wonderful singer who drove me all around Israel to the Sacred Sites. We visted the Old city of Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, and many ancient sacred sites. It was an ambitious three days. I was able to get a sense of the “state of the union” of the holy land, while we sang and toned for peace and tolerance. This is Eliana’s posting:

I had the good fortune this last week to guide Jan Cercone, Music Practitioner, who offers inspirational programs for using music in patient/staff settings, on a sacred peace tour to Mary Magdalene’s well and other power points in Jerusalem and in the North of Israel, little known to tourists, nor locals alike.

Together, we sang and vocalized at Rujm el Hiri – a neolithic crop circle and sacred energy vortex, similar to Stonehenge in the Golan Heights. Jan came to Israel, having no idea what awaited her here. She just trusted the inner voice calling her to come.

How many times has a small still voice whispered some direction in your heart, only you did not have the faith in yourself to listen to it? We spoke about this alot. We contemplated this alot and sang about it alot. At Mary Magdalene’s well, we meditated upon it, such that it would support all of us in opening our hearts to allow them to sing more. You can hear the singing of the babbling brook here at Magdalenes’ well, with me humming in the background, and Jan contemplating good by the water’s edge:

Sound Healing Begins with the Voice

August 31, 2007

by Jan Cercone, RN, MA, CMP, Voice Bio Practitioner

     My work with the voice over twenty years has convinced me of two things…1) the voice is a profound diagnostic/healing tool and 2) if we do not speak our truth we derail our bodies’ frequencies and end up in immune system breakdown. Let me walk you through my deductions.

     First, as a nurse, then professional singer, finally as a Music/Sound practitioner I have focused on the voice from an inclusive scientific/spiritual perspective.   Every system within our body…organs, nervous system and fluids are governed by vibrational matrixes. Through advances in Research in Sound healing Technology we can actually plot, graphically, our bodily frequencies and map them through a computer to pinpoint deficiencies such as low thyroid, immune system breakdown, and pre-cancer patterns.

(no C note, no B note and high E) Simply by asking three questions and plotting the results from your voice, we can “see” imbalances even before your doctor’s blood tests announce them!! This program is the Voice Bio. So simply toning, or singing the notes you are low in will break the disease pattern!! Yes, change the disease pattern

     I always knew intuitively that singing was healing and working with Anthroposphically based Therapeutic Singing enlarged this perspective. It is the notes, or the vibrational frequencies that are bathing our systems with energy, much like a daily dose of vitality, with the breathing and formative values of the consonants and vowels. So simply by singing we should remain healthy…well maybe.

      The surprise for me came when I followed the patterns of women’s health and saw that specific emotions, each with an identifiable frequency, (you can make a tuning fork for resistance for example) seem to derail their health and undermine their immune system. It’s all there in the grid. Small little high  notes in the C range denote a woman who disempowers herself by not stating what she needs and always  putting others needs first. Her thyroid, adrenals weaken and then finally her liver is congested.. I see this frequently in nurses and caretakers. As each cycle of vibration has a tri-tone relation with it’s reciprocal, much like a Meridian circle, strong negative emotions actually drain the organs and systems within the reciprocal note.  So women who are fearful of speaking their truth often lack physical stamina, have a high F# field which is the reactive, sympathetic nervous system and have to get false energy by coffee/sugar which further weakens their immune system. Once identified, it’s simple to correct, by toning the low notes.

      So through the voice we can identify and correct health and emotional imbalances.    Though “Sound Healing” sounds quite esoteric, it’s just a name for vibrational medicine, which is actually ancient. The field is exploding with endless products tools and programs but I advocate simply tuning into our own voice through singing/toning, and speaking coherent, truthful words. When you speak from your heart you align with the divine and the entire universe is behind you.  This is the ultimate empowerment for creating your most magnificent reality. 

Worth noting:  Because you will attract a mate with a sound pattern the opposite of yours…you will want  to correct imbalances to attract the proper mate!!

Why is Singing Healing?

April 28, 2007

     Singing is perhaps the most intensive one-on-one musical experience humans can have. When you think about it, your body actually GENERATES the tone. You are not passive, but actively  hearing the note you want to sing before you sing it..(a neurological circuit is ignited) and then you breathe deep (breathing deep is good) and then you bring a live, vibrating wave of frequency into your body while you sound.  The Tone you are singing with, each individual note, has it’s own formative effect on your body, for clearing, harmonizing and stabilizing different bodily functions and emotions. All with one sung tone!!!  Singing stimulates so many systems, and you can’t seperate them out. Singing is an all over experience.  It increases your immune response and stimulates memory. I especially love to see the effect it has on Azhemiers clients. So thats the note for today…..Sing for your health. More later on how to find out which notes your body needs..Jan Cercone, Music Practitioner, RN, MA, Certified Voice Bio Practitioner.