Excerpts from the New Book:
The Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine

Jan displays the Divine Plan for earth

Find your voice, find your place on the grid of light and illuminate the world!!!

The Guy”s Guide to the Divine Feminine Book is coming out soon…on create space…

Why now? The Divine Feminine, her Earth, her People, her Future

It’s actually a case of…Big Changes for Earth thru HER

Let’s start with what is most obvious before we discuss the why and what to do about it.
The energy and interactions between males and females are changing in a most fundamental and profound way. It’s beyond shifting traditional roles of who carries out the trash. There is a mandate for earth and her people to adopt new ways if we are to survive as a species. And who is going to lead this new re-structuring of every aspect of life on earth as we know it? Your female partner
The wife or girlfriend you met and knew is now being called to listen to and respond to an overwhelming need to change. Her ears are tuning to new information that will assist her to change the flow of every human condition on earth. Her ability and willingness to listen to this soft whisper…some call it spirit…coming through her heart into this realm is undeniable and is like a wake up call. For her and for the earth. For her not to listen to this inner voice means to deaden not just herself but to turn from her very soul. For there is a clear call for the feminine now to listen in and circle up with like minded women to create new ways of being and living on earth. She is being given the mandate and authority through her own dominion to re-create herself, her family and her community for the better. To not do this would cause an inner implosion and a depletion that would leave holes in the divine plan for earth.
Her full focus and power is being required to re-harness the powers of heaven through her voice. Her voice of truth, peace and harmony. The pendulum has swung very far to the right – the masculine – and it is the time within this 2012 pivotal point to swing back into the more feminine flowing. If you are reading this book…you are the lucky man to be part of this global movement and change led by women like your special partner.
The name for this new heart centered leadership connected to a higher power fueling her passion is called “The Divine Feminine.” It is the feminine ability to hold space, bring flow and harmony that will heal the earth. A female’s deep intuitive connection to the cosmic divine flow through her heart gives it the DIVINE part. There are many schools of thought, processes, rituals and books about what divine feminine means and it can take on certain labels and names that cause us to question and not feel comfortable with what this is about. So let’s just boil it down to the basic essence. It is the feminine face of God, the soft side, coming through people on earth now that will bring things around back to their senses. Don’t worry about any militancy or insistence. To hold labels of specialness during all this just brings more separation. . I am writing this for a traditional male with a female partner, but it is the “feminine essence” within each person that is being bumped up to tip the scales for all.

Seven years ago the whispers became unavoidable as I went about my life as an orthodontists wife and mother of three living a lovely suburban life. It was like I began living in two tracks…one in which I felt alive and passionate and focused and creative and one in which I was an automan serving a template. No amount of materialistic comfort could soften my growing restlessness as I saw the gap widening between what I had been doing and what I was becoming. The choice became very clear…was I living to create security and comfort or was I following spirit and my true path with trust? What an inner struggle began.
I saw my life as a Teflon existence. I was protected from want…but was I? Inside I was exploding with discontent that then emerged as a dreaded disease. Melanoma. The day the nurse called and said they needed to do some “marking” on my left shoulder I saw my life as ending in six months. I made the bargain to God that day. If you let me live, I promise to ONLY focus on what it is I came here for. No more playing it safe. And from that day forward the path widened and widened from my carefully laid safe dental wife programming. Seven years later post-divorce I now KNOW exactly who I am, why I am here and each day creatively play with the highest expression of this path to the best of my ability. I had to re-write my script. I was in the wrong movie. And within all of this change the work and path for me became crystal clear.

The Voice of the Divine Feminine

The Voice of the Divine Feminine was buried eons ago. And my soul promised to bring it back. To assist women to speak their truth in a new way that is kind, compassionate and non-defensive. To enable them to communicate with their families, spouses, boyfriends and parents in a way that is honoring, respectful and empowering to all concerned. This is the truest form of the Divine Feminine. I can say that perhaps I can write this because I have struggled every day of my life to not be afraid to say what I think and feel and still feel safe.
Step by step I have learned and grown to remove the fears and what I call “vibrations” living within the body that keep our voices and lives stuck. And I see the ability to gently, lovingly state how we feel and ask for what we need does indeed heal all. That when the woman is happy, the mate is happy. The children are happy and the community is happy. And the woman needs to find the courage, mentors and self-love to trust herself to say her truth and trust she can garner the right people to support her so she may flourish and create heaven on earth. So she can receive the natural flow of energy and manifest peace and balance for the masculine and feminine. The male role is to provide and protect and allow her to blossom and feel safe – secure to do her world-changing work.
So it’s not an oppositional, selfish motivation. It’s just the opposite. The woman who is learning about and embracing the principles of the divine feminine is swimming upstream with these initiatives grounded in times past. She is bringing something new and change is scary. Because it’s not just her role she is re-defining and re-arranging, but yours.
As her partner you are now dealing with new ideas, new behaviors, new expectations that you may not have planned on. It’s part of the shift for our earth that has mandated these inward changes that are now calling forth new attitudes, feelings and compromises within your world. She might be confused about what to expect from you as well and frightened to voice her new attitudes and needs. There is bound to be tension, confusion and resentment until all the underlying energies are revealed for what they truly are and mean.
Your social interactions with other couples are changing dynamically as well. The truth is, nothing is the same and never will be. Your partner is growing into who she was meant to be regardless of who she presented previously. It will be a growing, challenging yet ultimately rewarding and enriching experience for you as well as you find your best place in all this!!

I have written this guide to help you navigate these unexpected and maybe even un-welcomed changes within your partner so you can find:

1. Some sense of meaning for the changes that put it all in context
2. Some communication tools to form bridges
3. Some understanding of the basics of the Divine Feminine world and initiatives
4. How you best fit in with the new roles and can feel good and better than ever
5. How to meet your needs in new ways
6. How not to lose your partner by being resistant to change

There’s one of those sayings that holds a good dose of truth…

A man marries a woman and hopes she never changes
A woman marries a man and hopes to change him into what she sees he can be.


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