Passion Healed Me, Jan’s book about waking up to spirit!! laugh and cry and with me as we all go home to the light together in our own unique way.

Here is the introduction to my long awaited first book!!! enjoy, and join me on our Trip to France to investigate your own realtionship to the feminine mysteries, slide show on my website:

This is a journal based on a three year odyssey of expansion and ascension through
sound. My soul contract came knocking at age 50.  I encountered a new deep pressure within
me that pushed me to  make some big decisions and take action. This led to a divorce, listen-
ing to spirit, awakening, and finding my voice and passion … things I never had planned for
as a mother/wife in upper middle class America. There is a plan for me, as there is for you,
and I know I was off track for a long time. Though my life seemed full but I knew it didn’t
feel right. I hadn’t dropped in to my own life I felt.  I instinctively knew it was related to the
suppression of my passion and voice. I looked around and saw women drowning in their
traditional,  successful upper middle class templates. I could give in, and become colorless
on the way to old age or stake out a new path without any assurances. Jumping tracks would
certainly upset the plans I had laid for this period of my life. I reflected, at what point had I
abandoned the call of my own joy?
I had always sung and as a child I longed to be a singer but my practical self pulled me
towards being a nurse. Today, I stand in the center of the cross of my life and I can see the
truth of this interesting path.  I am a singer and a healer, singing is the modality. Singing,
or more accurately, sounding with intention through the voice is the most powerful healing
modality our maker has bestowed upon us.  As a third-dimensional being in the flesh, I see
my gift of being able to align with and actually “sound” the frequencies or sounds of the over-
soul or angels of others. I can be the in-between of the above and below or the bridge to the
spirit and material realm…through my voice.  It is this Song of Ascension that the higher
beings up the ladder, towards God, want us to hear so we can find our way home. Home to
our center, which is God. It’s not out there, it’s in there. We are flickers within the Huge ball
of light that is Pure Awareness Energy and God unfurls his many personalities first through
the divine mother and father and then further down the ladder to the archangels, and finally
to us…the incarnated humans. Sound is the way back, and the word is the activating code
through frequencies. The formula is available to all and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness
that is bathing the planet is yours to drink of.  It is as simple as asking, and then doing.  It
must be experienced, not just thoughts. Traditional religion has metered out spirit through
programs, denying each of us has our own vertical link-up with no intermediaries. That’s the
old male way.

As a woman, I also realized that I had not exercised speaking my truth for so long my
throat was practically shut off.  This opening of my truth led me to the teachings of the Sa-
cred Divine Feminine and how finding my own voice could be part of the greater healing of
my family, relationships, and ultimately the planet when joined with other women’s voices.
I have come to realize that it is the female body itself that is actually the Holy Grail. We are
the cup of wisdom and the portal for enlightenment. The voice is the activator through the
breath of the Holy Spirit. She must sing and speak her truth, this is the key to the cleansing.
Not inconsequentially…the reclaiming of my passionate sexual nature was intertwined with
this awakening. Our bodies are wired for ecstatic neuro-endocrinology when we follow our
This feminine impulse of strength and truth through clarity of communication is a uni-
versal movement, a precise prescription for the earth’s healing process.  The galaxy demands
that earth heals, and she will. The re-birth of Gaia will bring breaking of the waters, earth
changes and chaos so each person will be called upon to ask, or will, to consciously decide
to remain in their old paradigm or move towards the light. New cities of light composed of
highly organized frequencies of color, light and sound will allow for the acceleration of the
spiritualization of matter so all humans can choose to be initiated into the divine plan, or
continue on as they wish. This great transition requires programs and processes of prepara-
tion for those who will create and administer the assistance as well as the planning, organiza-
tion and development of these cities and I see the use of sound and its healing modalities as
the key to all of the operations.

This journal will help you see the unfolding process and the resistances and questioning
I went through while discovering my role in sound healing and then realizing how sound is
the key to the entire cosmic vibratory field, the all that is, good or bad.  Sound healing is the
tool for the real work for the changes coming. My remembering unfolded one chapter at a
time.  The guides allow no hurrying so I didn’t go into shock or have special skills that would
be muddied by an impure motive. That’s how Atlantis fell. These gifts within the Mystery
Schools, the alchemical secrets of the universe that reside within each of us are rightly hid-
den. We earn our way into the great school by right thinking, clear discernment and the most
important quality is integrity. Each of us must consider another human’s condition just as
intently as we consider our own. For the energy of God is Love, all are one, within, without,
As as Above so Below. The source of all I need is within me. I just have to make room in my
body to bring in the light.
Sooner or later, each soul will go through this peeling and healing as they return to
source. I share my story as one little example. It’s a process of initiation that is universal and
also personal as you will see yourself and then stand back and laugh at me and shake your
head as well. I lay it all open here as I shed the complexities of identity, social norms, attach-
ments and began to see the greater plan for my soul, my client’s  and our collective future. I
hope that there is something of value in my sharing this journey, as I feel the personal is also
universal. Sound is the Wave Home, and may your song/journey be a sweet one.


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