Ride the Sound Wave Home

“Ride the Sound Wave Home”  in three simple steps

What is home?  Home is not a place. It is a “state” of ecstatic homeostatic bliss. When the electromagnetic circuitry of your being, hormones, emotions and connection to spirit is aligned to its absolute perfection. There is a highway to this destination and it is the wave of Sound. Sound infused with intention is the alchemy available to us now for reprogramming chronic illness, unraveling deep stress matrixes and aligning with our own divine blueprint.  Inexpensive, preventative and self-generated, vibrational medicine truly is the answer for our times for humans to live longer with more vitality free of medical and insurance companies, and pain.
The scientific foundation for vibratory medicine is now available through such pioneers as Don Estes, James Oschman, Richard Gerber and all of the colleagues I have worked with at the Sound and Consciousness Institute. Each new technology and discovery brings us closer to the absolute truth that we are all interconnected through the vibratory field. Bruce Haschildt recently brought to the Song and Spirit Center little bonsai trees hooked up to new technology that allows us to “hear” the trees singing. What he didn’t realize at first, is that the trees were not only emitting beautiful sounds, but they were actually responding to the immediate environment emotionally as well. When a baby bird fell from the next of the old oak and a cat pounced on it the trees began to screech and then moan. This is profound. The frequencies sounded by the tree were emotional. This means that our thoughts and general state affects the trees, and the butterfly, and the “all that is”. We are one. We must be responsible for our thoughts and feeling states to create harmony. A difficult order given our economy and the general state of humanity and the planet at this point.
This is the good news. We can identity and track the vibration or, frequency through Hz, or cycles per second of any given element.  Even Prozac has a frequency that can be broken down and made into a tuning fork. Applying this fork to the body will produce an effect that the body will recognize and re-orchestrate accordingly. We can identify each emotion with a specific frequency as well.  Is this the new medicine?  Not quite there yet.  This specificity actually misses the boat. It is the linear allopathic thinking mode. We must treat the entire system so it can re-calibrate itself. The promise of sound infused with your own intention can actually shift the entire system into a higher frequency band that cannot co-exist with disease states. Change the frequency pattern, interrupt the disease pattern. So we target the patterning in the body. Which is fueled by your beliefs.  If we want to work with the diabetes we target the belief system that allows us to accept our genetic lineage and the addiction aspect of self-medicating through food. These belief systems are, you know by now, all frequencies we hold that fuel and maintain our beliefs. We can isolate each belief system and blast it with sound coupled with your own verbalized intention to release this belief to unwind any matrix in the body.  Beyond this, when our physical holding patterns are released, at last our energy charkas can spin optimally and the higher energies of source can pulse through the body unimpeded and you can access states of bliss and well being for prolonged states. This opens the central channel to receive the spiritual activations that can catapult your body and soul into….dare I say it, ascension.
Christ, or his consciousness, vibrated at 1,000 hz. He healed people by allowing them to belief in and entrain with his frequency field. He said, “This too, you shall do and more.”  Its the more time now. He actually felt he had failed his mission as he only healed people and did not teach them to heal themselves.  So now, as the planet is entering her ascension phase of her life cycle she is kicking up her vibration and you have a choice to re-vibrate yourself to match her at the Christ Consciousness frequency. Why do you think Sound Healing and toning is becoming so popular? People know intuitively it’s time to repattern NOW.  I encourage you to “lift” up your frequency field through positive thinking, vital foods and sound infusions of your choice. Where to start with your own sound program?  Here is a three-step process that makes you the maestro of your universe. Do this in the morning and anytime you wish to manifest or create a new reality on any level. It works!
The Three Part process of Alchemical Change
1.    Set a Sacred Space:  Say “I ask and intend to set a sacred space” and then
place yourself mentally in a pyramid shape
2.    Request for your guides, angels, higher divine self, masters to be with you now
3.    Make a specific intention and then Sound it in with your voice. Do not worry about how you do it, just open your mouth and “sound”
In the future healthcare will be composed of Chambers that diagnose your entire field through sensitive energy diagnostic systems. We will receive a bath of color, sound, and music based on our profile. Even fear is defenseless when it is deconstructed through these modalities. Do you see the implications?  While reviewing a new Russian technology recently, the Metatron, I was told by the astonished physician that I have no virus present in my system. This is impossible he said to the class. I reassured him that a virus cannot live in the higher frequency band and that repeated intentional sound indeed can place us, our communities and ultimately our planet in a new healthier paradigm.
Sound is at the forefront of personal and planetary healing. The ancients knew this and we are at a point in our western consciousness to embrace this on all levels. I invite you to investigate with your own body the power of sound for your personal healing, inspiration and ultimately, the ability to go “home” in your present physical body.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner, Voice Bio
Practitioner, Founder Song and Spirit Center
JCerc1@aol.com      707-206-5068
Tree singing: bruce@earthpaths.com


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