Open House at Song and Spirit Center

Sound Healing at the Song and Spirit Center
“Where Sound, Spirit and Science meet”
Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP, Voice Bio

Open House October 31, 2009


31 Commercial Blvd. Ste. F, Novato, Ca. 94949

Your Body is Sound…and you can re-create yourself in our new Cutting Edge “Sound, Light, and Color Chamber” designed by leading sound specialists. We plot your profile of frequencies and then generate a personalized program to “re-harmonize” your physical and emotional fields:

–    Reverse disease processes
–    Unravel deep stress matrixes
–   Align with your own Divine Energy –    Choose from a menu of Sound generated alchemical programs.
The new medicine is here, and it is sound and music infused with intention and spirit. At our center we access the Quantum healing zone and teach you to heal yourself, and stay healed. Personal appointments in our “Chamber,” Private Voice Bio and Sound Sessions with Jan, or Workshops about Sound are just a few of the many services we offer within this new, exciting modality.

“The sound bath was beyond what words can express, I was re-born with rapture, peace and delight” Pat, RN

Founder and Director Jan Cercone is a leader in innovative Sound Healing Methodologies, with a specialty in Voice. An instructor at the Sound and Consciousness institute, a recording artist, author and nationally recognized inspirational speaker, she brings the joyful healing power of sound to life for your life.
Chamber Grand Opening: Sat. Oct. 31 2-6pm
Newsletter at website:


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