Sound Healing Begins with the Voice

by Jan Cercone, RN, MA, CMP, Voice Bio Practitioner

     My work with the voice over twenty years has convinced me of two things…1) the voice is a profound diagnostic/healing tool and 2) if we do not speak our truth we derail our bodies’ frequencies and end up in immune system breakdown. Let me walk you through my deductions.

     First, as a nurse, then professional singer, finally as a Music/Sound practitioner I have focused on the voice from an inclusive scientific/spiritual perspective.   Every system within our body…organs, nervous system and fluids are governed by vibrational matrixes. Through advances in Research in Sound healing Technology we can actually plot, graphically, our bodily frequencies and map them through a computer to pinpoint deficiencies such as low thyroid, immune system breakdown, and pre-cancer patterns.

(no C note, no B note and high E) Simply by asking three questions and plotting the results from your voice, we can “see” imbalances even before your doctor’s blood tests announce them!! This program is the Voice Bio. So simply toning, or singing the notes you are low in will break the disease pattern!! Yes, change the disease pattern

     I always knew intuitively that singing was healing and working with Anthroposphically based Therapeutic Singing enlarged this perspective. It is the notes, or the vibrational frequencies that are bathing our systems with energy, much like a daily dose of vitality, with the breathing and formative values of the consonants and vowels. So simply by singing we should remain healthy…well maybe.

      The surprise for me came when I followed the patterns of women’s health and saw that specific emotions, each with an identifiable frequency, (you can make a tuning fork for resistance for example) seem to derail their health and undermine their immune system. It’s all there in the grid. Small little high  notes in the C range denote a woman who disempowers herself by not stating what she needs and always  putting others needs first. Her thyroid, adrenals weaken and then finally her liver is congested.. I see this frequently in nurses and caretakers. As each cycle of vibration has a tri-tone relation with it’s reciprocal, much like a Meridian circle, strong negative emotions actually drain the organs and systems within the reciprocal note.  So women who are fearful of speaking their truth often lack physical stamina, have a high F# field which is the reactive, sympathetic nervous system and have to get false energy by coffee/sugar which further weakens their immune system. Once identified, it’s simple to correct, by toning the low notes.

      So through the voice we can identify and correct health and emotional imbalances.    Though “Sound Healing” sounds quite esoteric, it’s just a name for vibrational medicine, which is actually ancient. The field is exploding with endless products tools and programs but I advocate simply tuning into our own voice through singing/toning, and speaking coherent, truthful words. When you speak from your heart you align with the divine and the entire universe is behind you.  This is the ultimate empowerment for creating your most magnificent reality. 

Worth noting:  Because you will attract a mate with a sound pattern the opposite of yours…you will want  to correct imbalances to attract the proper mate!!


One Response to “Sound Healing Begins with the Voice”

  1. Jan Cercone Says:

    Blog update and announcement….

    Just finished!! My new Manuscript…the Voice of Union. What is the Voice of Union? A compiled journal of three years of journaling through an awakening process…to the light. Our lives are full and we long for the spirit to come speak to us. Sometimes it takes a crisis or life turn situation to allow us the time and space to re-recreate ourselves. My story is universal, yet personal. It begins right after my divorce where I am not sure what I should do. No job, no role, just time. What a gift it was for me. It was a start over to discover who I was really born to be..
    A sound practitioner. A teacher. I have written my story up in a manuscript now before the actual publishing…and I can mail it to you if you email me your address. The story can come with the CD, As Above, So Below (you can hear it at CD Baby) for $25.
    Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, a free monthly email. Blessings..and don’t forget to sing today, love Jan

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