Why is Singing Healing?

     Singing is perhaps the most intensive one-on-one musical experience humans can have. When you think about it, your body actually GENERATES the tone. You are not passive, but actively  hearing the note you want to sing before you sing it..(a neurological circuit is ignited) and then you breathe deep (breathing deep is good) and then you bring a live, vibrating wave of frequency into your body while you sound.  The Tone you are singing with, each individual note, has it’s own formative effect on your body, for clearing, harmonizing and stabilizing different bodily functions and emotions. All with one sung tone!!!  Singing stimulates so many systems, and you can’t seperate them out. Singing is an all over experience.  It increases your immune response and stimulates memory. I especially love to see the effect it has on Azhemiers clients. So thats the note for today…..Sing for your health. More later on how to find out which notes your body needs..Jan Cercone, Music Practitioner, RN, MA, Certified Voice Bio Practitioner.


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